Acts announced for TakeRoot 2018 edition:

Father John Misty, Kurt Vile & the Violators, Neko Case, Shakey Graves, Marlon Williams, American Aquarium, Darlingside, Gold Star, Honey Harper, Jerry Leger, Becca Mancari, Michael McDermott & Heather Horton, The Mastersons, Sarah Shook & the Disarmers and Trampled By Turtles.
More to come! 

Music festival TakeRoot is like a travel through the United States which you haven’t planned too well in advance, but would gladly repeat afterwards. One moment it feels like you’re in a Blue Motel, where a lonely singer-songwriter shouts out his sorrow through paper-thin walls, the next you will find yourself in a country barn filled with partying country music lovers. Next stop, you’re surrounded by blues musicians who look like they were just picked from the cotton fields.

TakeRoot’s keyword is authenticity. Featuring musicians have one thing in common: they know life’s ups and downs first hand and sing about it with heart and soul. Simply because this is the life they know. They all share the same wish: to make the audience part of their loneliness, pain or joy. These musicians live without a foot on the brake and put their life on the line, although they know life will strike back. Hard, sometimes. TakeRoot lets these stories be heard, told by intimate singer-songwriters or full blast bands, and anyone in between.

TakeRoot is not just a trip across the continent, it also leads you through various eras. It’s no coincidence that the festival carries the subtitle ‘Past, Present and Upcoming American Music’. The United States still is the country of extremes and a melting pot of new ideas. It’s the cradle of most great genres in popular music: blues, rock, country & western, folk, you name it. America’s music has always been able to renew itself, just like its inhabitants: rolling stones & traveling bones.

During its 20th edition, TakeRoot once more offers a colourful sample of this permanently meandering stream of American music.